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Thorndale Vision

Thorndale Vision

Mission: (The reason we exist)

  • To prepare every student for lifetime success through strong academic and extra-curricular programs supported by partnerships with parents and the community. 

Vision: (Where we want to be)

  • We will develop students who reflect a spirit of excellence in the pursuit of college, career readiness and effective citizenship. 

Values: (What we hold dear)

  • Relationships, Work Ethics, Community, and Excellence

Motto: (Our guiding idea)

  • Striving for Excellence

Goal I: Thorndale ISD will provide a guaranteed and viable curriculum to ensure that all students are prepared for academic success and for college, career, and military opportunities. 

Goal II: Thorndale ISD will promote advanced (exemplary) student performance. 

Goal III: Thorndale ISD will recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and staff who are committed to excellence. 

Goal IV: Thorndale ISD will promote a safe and orderly school climate that is conducive to student success and learning. 

Goal V: Thorndale ISD will include the community and parents as full partners in district planning and goal setting. 

Goal VI: Thorndale ISD will operate in a climate of fiscal responsibility and stability and provide for the facility needs of the district.