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Basketball Ticket Information

Posted Date: 11/20/2020

Basketball Ticket Information

Basketball Ticket Updates from Mr. Ivy – Video

Good Morning Thorndale Basketball fans,

Basketball season is now upon us and we are looking forward to a great season. Unfortunately we are still dealing with COVID 19 and all of the rules and regulations that go along with it. Just like during football and volleyball we have a limited capacity in our gyms and having boys and girls play on the same nights actually makes it even more difficult to make sure that our players’ families have access to come in and watch them play. We have issued season passes to all of our players. Some have varsity only passes, some have JV only passes and some have JH only passes. These are good at all home games but only for the assigned gym. For instance, Varsity passes can’t be accepted in the MS gym during a JV game and JV passes can’t be accepted in the HS gym except when boys and girls are not playing together. We will also be issuing district away game passes at some point. Since our visitors capacity in our gyms is only around 60 that is all we will be allowed when we travel for district games. Also, we will not be charging for admission to home games or district away games. There may be a fee for non district away games. We understand that this may be confusing. We agree- It took us a while to come up with a plan to handle all of the different teams, tickets and venues. We can’t wait until COVID 19 is a thing of the past and we can return to filling up our sports venues with hundreds of loud and proud Bulldog fans. For now please understand that we are doing our best to take care of our student athletes and their families. Please do us a HUGE favor and don’t show up to the game without a ticket because we won’t be able to let you in and we really don’t want to have to tell you NO. At this time we have issued all available tickets. We have none available at the gate and we will not have any available to purchase at the admin building. The good news is any games played in our high school gym will be live streamed on the NFHS network. There is a $10.99 subscription fee per month that allows you to watch every event. You can access NFHS with the following link .